Walmart Zoning Variance

Walmart’s petition to the Town of Zionsville for a variance to the “big box” zoning limitation on the square footage of businesses in Zionsville will be heard Tuesday night, February 12th, at 6:30pm by the Zionsville Board of Zoning Appeals. Walmart’s proposed building is 156,521 square feet which exceeds the “big box” limitation of 125,000 square feet by 31,521 square feet and the 60,000 square feet “single use” limitation by 96,521 square feet. Please plan to attend this meeting to show your opposition to Walmart in Zionsville.

If you haven’t already, please sign one of the many petitions against Walmart. There are online petitions (here and here) as well as a paper petition at Akard’s True Value (in the Boone Village shopping center west of downtown Zionsville). The more people that indicate their opposition to this, the more likely we are to prevail!

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