New Owner for 86th and Lafayette Road Gas Station

Warren and Brian Johnson have purchased all shares of Three Mile Properties, Inc. which owned the property on the south-west corner of 86th Street and Lafayette Road. The property had been rezoned, against protests by area residents, for a gas station and small strip mall.

The new owners have significantly scaled back the original design:

  • the proposed gas station now consists of 10 pumps as opposed to the original plan’s 12
  • the convenience store is slightly decreased in square footage
  • the strip mall has been completely eliminated
  • only 1 sign as opposed to the original plan’s 2
  • the new proposal will minimally impact the old growth trees on the property
  • an outdoor seating area is being considered
  • alcohol sales are no longer being considered
  • the new proposal includes considerable features for collection/filtration of runoff water

While the new owner’s revised proposal is still for a gas station, it is a significant improvement from the previous proposal.

More details are available on the 86th and Lafayette Road blog.

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